Ozen Is Makina was established in 1971 for manufacturing spare parts for automotive,construction and such as related industries.

Ozen Is Makina is located in Tarsus-Mersin Industrial Zone. The company is builded on 4000m2 closed area which has 5000 m2 area at the total.

For now Ozen Is Makina is capable of manufacturing moulds-spare parts-machines & mechanism (all in one) for glass industry. And the company is the one company in its region who is supplying moulds for glass industry.

In addition to manufacturing high quality moulds, Ozen Is Makina is also manufacturing in huge quantities of spare parts according to customer drawings for offshore industry and energy industry.

Ozen Is Makina is settled its strategy; by following up new technologies and innovations with using its experience; by doing its best for customers with being open for learning all the time. And by this way Ozen Is Makina was proved itself in machining industry.

With serving for glass industry; starting the idea of ‘’manufacturing different products for different industries’’; Ozen Is Makina was started to do projects for different industries by using its experience and inovative identity.


Serving on time-high quality and correct products to our customers by understanding them very well and behaving as a solution partner to them.

To produce efficient products for our customers by doing correlative development and reverse engineering.


To produce for different industries by using our experience and know-how.

  • Moulds & Accessories
  • Machines & Mechanisms
  • Spare Parts & Machining Parts
  • Our New Web Site in On-line
    Dear visitors, our new web site is on-line. You can get detailed information about our products, about our company and updated information about us.
    19 July 2018
  • Glasstec Trade Fair 2012
    Glasstec Trade Fair 2012
    19 July 2018
  • We established the Project Department in 2011
    We established the Project Department in 2011
    19 July 2018
  • Glasstec 2016 Fuarındayız
    20-23 Eylül 2016 tarihleri arasında Glasstec 2016 fuarındayız.
    19 July 2018