Environmental Policy

Maintaining CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT by following technological advancements with a view to minimise environmental impacts of production, and by fulfilling the environmental responsibitiles.

  • Ensuring enhancement of the enviromental performance by maintaining CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT through the practice, control and effective implementation of the Enviromental Management System.
  • Complying FULLY with the regulatory and other obligations and the enviromental legistation in effect.
  • Ensuring disposal of wastes by use of recovery, recycling and enviromental-friendly methods as a result of WASTE DEGRADATION IN ORIGIN.
  • Ensuring PROTECTION OF NATURAO RESOURCES by prioritizing resource saving through the provision of energy efficiency in production, by the aid of enviromental-friendly technologies
  • Utilizing Work Health and Safety principles in order to ensure the removal of possible adverse environmental impact, as well as to ensure ENVIROMENTAL INTEGRITY by minimising  emergency risks
  • Ensuring the enhancement of enviromental consciousness and AWARENESS by sharing our enviromental responsibility with our customers, suppliers and employees.
  • Ensuring that our enviromental policy is PUBLICIZED.
  • We undertake to effectively and sustainably fulfil our obligations, with a view to be able to hand down a viable enviroment to the posterity.
  • Our New Web Site in On-line
    Dear visitors, our new web site is on-line. You can get detailed information about our products, about our company and updated information about us.
    19 July 2018
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    Glasstec Trade Fair 2012
    19 July 2018
  • We established the Project Department in 2011
    We established the Project Department in 2011
    19 July 2018
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